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USB Juicer Cup, Portable Juice Blender and Mixer, Pawaca 380ml Personal Size Electric Rechargeable Mixer Juicer Cup

Charging time: About 3 hours
Single working time: 60s
Working time after full charged: 10times
Idle protection: Turn off in 5s
Item size: 23x8cm
Item weight: 460g

1: Please charge for three hours before use
2: When cleaning, be careful of the blade.
3: re-assembly time, need to flatten the interface of the silicone ring, tightened, then will not leak.
4: squeeze the fruit when you need to add water or milk inside the cup to prevent the fruit stuck blade

If you do not use it for a long time, you should dry the liner and keep it dry.
Do not use alkaline bleach, metal, chemical wipes, gasoline, metal wire and other cleaning products.

Product Precautions
1. Add hot drinks to drink, you should pay attention to avoid burns.
2. As the cup body for the vacuum double-layer structure, you should avoid knocking / falling / impact / so as not to affect the insulation effect and so on.
3. Do not carry dry ice and carbonated drinks.
4. When cleaning, use a neutral detergent, if necessary, it can be used hot soda water and boiling water inside the bottle.
5. Do not use chlorine bleach to avoid rust.
6. Do not use a microwave oven to avoid accidents

Package include:
1XUSB Juicer Cup


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