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ECVILLA USB Juicer Cup, Fruit Mixing Machine, Portable Personal Size Eletric Rechargeable Mixer, Blender, Water Bottle 500ml with USB Charger for Sports, Working, Kitchen, Dining (Red)

ECVILLA Rechargeable Juicer Cup Portable Juice Blender for Traveling/Working/Outdoors, 500ml.
Product Features:
♦ Healthy and environmental friendly, food grade non-toxic material that can be used safely.
♦ Fashionable & Generous. Not only a juice blender but also water cup.
♦ Portable and Light-weight design make you can use outdoors, camping, travel, yourself or family.
♦ Its imported thick transparent body designed from natural watery art that make you feel the touching beauty with your sincere praise.
– Battery capacity: 2600mah
– Speed of Motor: Empty 22000 R/M±15% Loaded 15000R/M±15%
– Charging time: about3 hours
– Usage count: about 12 times
– Battery type: Polymer battery
– Input voltage:5V 1.5A
– Output voltage:5V 2.0A 2600mAh
– Materials: Imported food-grade PC/PP & 304 stainless steel.
1. Full charge the battery before first time use. And make a complete clean of parts which contacts juice material.
2. Pour some water into the cup, and then add the prepared particles sliced in to 1.5*1.5CM particles inside, which accounts for 60% of the volume,then add more water or milk into it to fill 80% of the volume.
3. The operation time for apple or pear juice will be around 60-90 seconds; citrus, oranges, strawberries 30-60 seconds.
1. Don’t touch the power button and blades when cleaning. Keep away from children to prevent accidents from blades.
2. Don’t open the cup during operation, or put your hand or other hard stuff into the unit, to prevent accidents or damage of unit.
3. Don’t run it with nothing inside. Don’t force the juicer to operate under heavy duty to prevent overheat of electronic components, which may leads to reduction of life time of product.
Package Includes:
– 1 * Juicer Cup
– 1 * USB charging cable
– 1 * User manual


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