Price : $39.99
Brand : Homeleader

3-Speeds 3-in-1 Multifunction Household Stainless Steel Hand Blender Hand Mixer Food Processor by Homeleader

This 3-in-1 hand blender is powerful and multi-functional because of all of the other attachments that comes with it. It has 3 speeds ranging from low to high and releases quick one-click attachment; Only takes several seconds you can blender whatever you like.

Attention: Keep in mind that the immersion blender is not to be used with hot liquids and you should not use it to blend frozen solid ingredients. Otherwise you run the risk of damaging the blades.
For liquid ingredients, please do NOT fill the containers to their maximum capacity. Overfilling the Cups could result in spillage, causing burns or property product damage.
It is recommended to chop ingredients into smaller portions before freezing, and then allow the ingredients to defrost slightly before mixing.

Model: K39-037
Voltage: 120V
Power: 400W
Warranty period: 1 year


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